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Relationships updated 5/26/2016
Trivia updated 5/3/2016

"Something about that girl puts me on edge.." (Harry to Tyra about Emma)

"This deranged 'Cyberterrorist' appears to only assassinate those with a serious criminal offense, a known sex offender was found dead in his home brutally shot by this cold-blooded vigilante." (Reporter)

"Seven, seven shots for those seven children you raped; slow and painful, just like it was for them!" (Emma to dying pedophile)

the code breaker

Appearance: druggie appearance, jagged nails, baggy eyes, sea green colored eyes, olive skin, long messy hair, rounded markings, and normally has a fair share of bruises and cuts on different parts of her body.
Height: 5' 5"
Voice: soft, sophisticated, light british accent, and monotone.
Name: Emma Samantha Alderson (Named by her aunt's parents and was given Edward's last name on her birth certificate.)
Other Names/Nicknames: 
Miss Alderson (commonly used)
Scarlett(used by hackers), 
ScarlettCoderr(used by hackers), 
Batgirl(used by James Wellick), 
Hacker bitch (used by Tyra Wellick),
Älskling (used by Motherboard),
Kiddo (used by Mr. Robot)
Junkie girl (used by members of Necrosec)
 the Cyberterrorist (used by Memestar, Media/the News, and citizens)
Auntie (By Luciana and Netty)
Suzy West (Fake alias in Deep Future)
Cygirl (used by Luna Vance)
'the Second Born Daughter of Cyber' (Lilith Green)
OC Status: Second main after Harry
Status: Alive, Pregnant
Future Status: Deceased
Death: Stabbed in neck by villainess
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Marital Status: Dating (Present), Married (Future Universes)
Story Role: Deuteragonist
RP Universe: Mr. Robot/Present/Future/Deep Future and Warriors University 
Emma VS the Cyberterrorist
Emma (Her regular personality present day)
  • Not skilled in combat
  • Works better alongside others
  • Not confrontational 
  • Against killing
  • Skilled hacker
The Cyberterrorist (Personality in future universes after her daughter is killed)
    • Skilled in combat
    • Dislikes working with others and/or receiving help from others (mainly in combat)
    • Confrontational
    • Kills
  • Only uses hacking once in awhile(In future universes Elliot takes care of the hacking while she takes care of confronting the criminals face to face)
  • Distant with people she cares about
(The only person able to somewhat bring back the real Emma in future universes is her husband Domiano)

Criminal Record:

  • Wanted for Computer Crime
  • Wanted for Terrorism
  • Wanted for Vigilantism 
  • Wanted for Theft
  • Wanted for Vandalism
  • Wanted for Possesion of Illegal Substances
  • Wanted for Extortion
  • Wanted for Imperfect Self-Defense
  • Wanted for Home Invasion
  • Wanted for Harboring a Known Fugitive 
  • Wanted for Resisting Arrest
  • Wanted for Serial Killings/First Degree Murders(Mr. Robot Future & Deep Future)
  • Wanted for Third Degree Murder (pleads insanity/served later)
Secure Mental Ward Diagnosis
  • Mania
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder (In control of as of 2033 Deep Future)
  • Clinical Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety Disorder
Prison Reputation(Based on Prison Architect):
  • Volatile - "This prisoner is liable to kick off without warning and for no reason."
  • Skilled Fighter - "This prisoner is skilled in defensive combat moves. She can disarm her opponent, or even take their weapon from them in a fight."
  • Vigilante (High Rank Snitch) - "This prisoner is a known informant, and as such her life may be in danger. Don't leave her alone with other prisoners too long."
Main Character Kills:
  • Pablo Vera (Reason: Attacked her wife) (Killed by: Broken neck)
  • Rico Vera (Reason: Illegal acts) (Killed by: Bullet to the head)
  • Tatiana Romanov (Reason: Engaged in fight to the death) (Killed by: Fall from building)
  • Catherine Amell (Reason: Leader of rival mob) (Killed by: Bleed out from bullet)
  • Executioner (Reason: Affiliation with rival mob/Tried to decapitate her) (Killed by: Bleed out from bullet)
Political Stance: Anarchist
Race: Caucasian
Birthday: September 17th
Zodiac: Virgo
Age: 28/36/45
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: American
Sexuality: Pansexual/Demiromantic
Worst Fear: Feeling powerless 
Profession: Tech at ByteDefender/Hacker/Vigilante
Mr. Robot Future Job(s): Freelance, Fixer
Type of Hacker: Grey hat
Hacker Alias: ScarlettCoderr (others are kept secret)

Personality: Emma can be considered dangerous for her sick definition of justice and how she believes what she is doing to her victims is right making her an unstable vigilante. Emma suffers from depression, insomnia, anxiety, and mania. Her normal personality in front of people is normally calm and inconspicuous. Inside she harbors many strong emotions from others because she feels that they show weakness. On the outside many may describe her as emotionless and stony but really it is the opposite. She is also tormented by her memories which can sometimes cause her panic attacks attributing to her insomnia because of her fear of having nightmares. She is extremely empathetic but hates to act that way because she has to feel vulnerable.
Traits(Based off of the Sims): Loyal, Socially Awkward, Brooding, Genius, Brave, Unstable, Night Owl
Thievery: As a young girl she broke into houses to support herself financially.
Lockpicking: To break into houses she learned the art of lockpicking. 
Hacking/Programming: She is skilled in protecting her own computer and programming phone from being traced or compromised and is known to be a talented coder being able to create her own hacking applications.   
Social Engineering: Being emotionally manipulative she is able to carefully observe others to find their weaknesses allowing her to hack into their life.
Intermediate Parkour: She trained herself in acrobatics and long sprinting allowing her to escape from assailants easier.  
Stealth/Melee Combat: During her self defense training she studied the easiest ways to take a target out non-lethally though later she begins to use lethal means as well.
Martial Arts: It takes Emma thirty-two years to fully master Jujitsu which she uses to block and take down targets in hand to hand combat.
Stealthy: Over the years she has perfected her footwork when needing to sneak. 
Observant: She is able to notice things that are more subtle which shows when she catches Min after discovering a suspicious looking dark splatter on her shoe.
Anxiety: Though she acts somewhat calm when in a confrontation her anxiousness can cause her great stress and jumping to conclusions.
Empathy: This is shown as a weakness when Emma sides with James and goes back to him after he stabs her in the back.
Revenge: Emma's revenge hunger shows with her confrontations with the Veras and Wellicks  and are what has caused her to be looked at as dangerous when her emotions get out of hand causing unpredictable results to those she believed wronged her loved ones. 
Alter-Ego: When her mask is removed she is somewhat less confident and normally does not use her martial art skills unless she really needs to making others believe that her as the vigilante is her as her alter-ego Motherboard.

 'Programming Phone' 
  • Profiler App - Record Viewer
  • Vulneratronics App - Detects nearby Vulnerabilities
  • Camspy App - Hacks into nearby Security Cameras
  • Ultraviolet Vision, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Night Vision App - Views areas with this vision
  • Audio Enhancer App - Causes audio waves to sound clearer and louder when eavesdropping
  • Tactical Baton - Automatic (All Universes)
  • Silenced Pistol (Future and Deep Future Universe)
  • Shurikens (Rarely has but used in Future and Deep Future Universe)
  • Tear Gas Grenades (All Universes)
  • Smoke Pellets (All Universes)
  • Lockpicks - Hidden in belt (All Universes)
  • Survival Knife - Hidden in belt behind her back (All Universes)
  • Grappling Hook (Future and Deep Future Universe)
  • 'Invisibility Cloak' - In Beta (One of Ginger's creations though it malfunctions quite frequently causing her to get caught - Future Universe) 
  • Cloaking Function - (an upgrade of Ginger's 'Invisibility Cloak' which is built into her suit though it still has its issues causing her to after a while to appear to flicker in and out of existence until disabled - Deep Future Universe)
  • Communicator - A microphone built into the mouthpiece her mask allowing her to communicate back with whoever is on the other end and the listening piece built into the top part of her mask ( Future and Deep Future universe)

    Emma mainly grew up in a series of foster homes where she was treated cruelly. This affected her perspective of the world greatly. She went through physical abuse like beatings and one notable situation which caused her to be pushed into the fireplace and mental abuse from her foster parents. She thinks of herself negatively because of the way she was treated, feeling like she was a mistake and unwanted. After she became of age she moved out and shortly after hosted a tor site where she was hired for hacking jobs like blackmailing, tracking locations, stealing information, and changing information for her clients. She did this because she was poor and was struggling to pay her college fees. When she joined the hacking group Distortion she ended up taking her site down and went through Distortion's contracts instead under a new alias. After the Serenity fiasco she went off the grid for awhile and ended up getting a job as a cybersecurity technician for ByteDefender when she graduated from college. She went back to hacking again mainly to learn about the people around her and blackmail several of Harper's scumbag boyfriends. She also would sometimes steal certain items from her victim that would help her learn more. She stopped getting her drugs from the Deep Web after she ran into a cleverly disguised FBI honeypot on a duplicate of her former drug shop site and began getting her drugs from Sky in person which she decided was safer. When she met her brother Elliot who had been following her hack attacks on E Corp, he convinced her to join fsociety even though she was worried about joining another group of hackers after what had happened previously. She joined fsociety after passing Mr. Robot's test and handed over the information she had stolen from E Corp using a raspberry pi. 

Crime Fighting:

Emma began becoming overly obsessed with justice after her boyfriend was murdered in front of her causing her to start taking matters into her own hands. She had already started training in self-defense when she was thirteen so she knew the basics of Jujitsu. She used Jujitsu, hacking, and acrobatics to take down her enemies. She began stealing weapons and utilities from the police station's evidence room and weapons room with the help of another cop named Michelle Chang. Normally tear gas grenades and smoke bombs. Her first successful criminal capture was sloppy but she started to get into the hang of things. James Wellick ordered her capture after she defeated two of his hitmen and put them behind bars. Though she said she wanted to help criminals her actions towards criminals that she believed were 'beyond help' were often too violent and brutal for the cops so they nicknamed the masked vigilante 'the Cyberterrorist'.

Elliot Alderson (twin brother)
Darlene (sister)
unamed mother
Edward Alderson (father, deceased)
unknown aunt and aunt's parents (guardians from when she was born till age 4)
Ms. Hates-all-children (foster mother from age 4 to 8)
Mr. and Mrs. Rich-as-hell (foster family from age 8 to 15)
Mr. and Mrs. Health-freak (foster family from age 15 to 18)
Harper Alderson (ex-wife)
Shayla Alderson (sister-in-law)
Luciana Alderson (niece)
Gabriella Frost (cousin-in-law)
Annette Frost (niece) 
Domiano Bianchi (husband)

Affiliation: fsociety, ByteDefender, Alderson siblings, Distortion(formerly)


(subject to change through story and roleplay progression)

:bulletred: = Enemy
:bulletpink: = Love Interest
:bulletgreen: = Friends
:bulletyellow: = Neutral Relationship/Doesn't know well
:bulletblack: = Dead/Missing
:bulletblue: = Close
:bulletorange: = Despises
:bulletpurple: = Uncomfortable/Fears

Liysides = She roleplays
Me = I roleplay
Traded off = Depending on the circumstance one of us will roleplay them

[Liysides] Elliot Alderson: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: (brother, member of fsociety, tech at AllSafe)

[Traded off] Mr. Robot: :bulletyellow: :bulletpurple: (leader of fsociety)

[Liysides] Harper Evans: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: (roommate, CEO of Google's assistant)

[Me] Serenity: :bulletblack: :bulletpink: (female hacker from Distortion)

[Liysides] Sky O'Donovan: :bulletblack: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: (ex-boyfriend, previous drug dealer)

[Me] Shayla Nico: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: (Elliot's girlfriend, current drug dealer)

[Me] Darlene: :bulletgreen: (sister, member of fsociety)

[Me] Harry Evans: :bulletyellow: (CTO of E Corp, Elliot's roommate)

[Liysides] Tyra Wellick: :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletorange: (CEO of E Corp, James' sister)

[Me] James Wellick: :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: (CEO of Google, Harper's boss, leader of Necrosec, Tyra's brother)

[Traded off] Jeff Hall: :bulletyellow: (boss, CEO of ByteDefender) 

[Me] Olaf Parker: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: (Harper's boyfriend)

[Me] Motherboard (Mysterious Lady): :bulletyellow: :bulletpurple: (stalker)

[Me] Centice: :bulletred: :bulletpurple: (Tyra's bodyguard)

[Traded off] Gideon Goddard: :bulletyellow: (CEO of Allsafe, Elliot's boss)

[No one yet] Henry Goddard: :bulletyellow: (Gideon's husband)

[Me] Fake FBI Agent/Hired Hitman: :bulletred: :bulletpurple: (Hired on her and Elliot)

[Me] Lucy Frost  'Agent Frost': :bulletred: :bulletyellow: (FBI Agent)

[Liysides] Callie Burridge 'Twiggy': :bulletyellow: (member of fsociety, apprentice)

[Me] Gabriella Frost: :bulletyellow: (Ex-FBI agent, serial killer, ally of fsociety)

[Me] Desiree Jones 'Ree': :bulletgreen: (neighbor, coffee shop waitress, black belt martial artist)

[Me] Dayna Meme 'Killer Memestar': :bulletred: :bulletorange: (Video maker for Necrosec, Twiggy's rival, Harry's girlfriend)

[Me] Ji Peng: :bulletblack: :bulletpink: :bulletyellow: (member of the Dark Army, Min's brother, Whiterose's son)

[Liysides] Min Peng: :bulletblack: :bulletyellow: :bulletpurple: (member of the Dark Army, Ji's sister, Whiterose's daughter)

[Me] Su Peng: :bulletyellow: (mother of Ji and Min, ex-wife of Whiterose)

[Liysides] Whiterose: :bulletpurple: (Leader of the Dark Army, Su's ex-husband)

Mr. Robot Future/Deep Future

[Liysides] Harper Alderson (Née Evans): :bulletblue: (ex-wife)

[Liysides] Luciana Alderson: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: (niece, wields bow, member of fsociety)

[Me] Annette 'Netty' Frost: :bulletgreen: (half-niece, pyromaniac, member of fsociety)

[Liysides] Ethan: :bulletgreen: (wields bat, member of fsociety)

[Liysides] Thea: :bulletyellow: (wields knives, member of fsociety)

[Liysides] Sadie Montgomery: :bulletorange: (Luciana's nemesis)

[Liysides] Jack Montgomery: 'Axe Murderer' : :bulletyellow: (wields axes)

[Me] Sarah 'Ginger' McCarthy: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: (wields guns, sidekick, member of fsociety)

[Liysides] Mike Smith: :bulletorange: (vigilante hunter)

[Me] Mr. Smith: :bulletorange: then :bulletgreen: (CEO of Google)

[Liysides] Pablo Vera: :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletorange: (Fernando Vera's younger brother, member of drug trafficking ring)

[Me] Rico Vera: :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletorange: (Fernando Vera's older brother, leader of drug trafficking ring)

[Liysides] Domiano Bianchi: :bulletred: :bulletorange: then :bulletpink: :bulletblue: (New York Mob Boss, Tatiana's ex-husband, Emma's husband)

[Me] Tatiana Romanov: :bulletblack: :bulletred: :bulletorange: (Russian assassin, Domiano's ex-wife)

[Me] Nicolai Romanov: :bulletblack: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: (Tatiana's son)

[Me] Luna Vance 'Miss Jax': :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: then :bulletred: (wields mallet, ex-member of fsociety, leader of the Spade Clan)

[Me] Lilith Green: :bulletred: (cultist of the Bright Dawn, member of the rival mob)

[Liysides] Catherine Amell: :bulletred: (member of the rival mob)

[Me] Cassandra Xu: :bulletred: (president of the United States in 2040, affiliated with the Dark Army, leader of the 'New Order')

[Me] Hannah Bianchi 'Red Widow': :bulletgreen: (Daughter)


  • Emma's first friendship was with Harper
  • The reason she has a slightly british accent is because most of her grammar and pronunciation taught to her was by her British foster family that homeschooled her
  • Emma still has scars on her left wrist from being handcuffed to her bed nightly by her second foster home family who thought she would try to run away
  • Emma started programming/hacking at the age of 17
  • Emma has a GNU Linux running Gnome for hacking and a Windows 10 laptop required for her job
  • Emma has an E Corp Android-like phone that has a fingerprint required to unlock like an iPhone
  • Sometimes Emma can feel what happens to Elliot as does he but only when they are feeling a strong emotion or have hurt themselves
  • Her paranoia causes her to believe she is being followed
  • Her fridge is filled with energy drinks and she always carries a can around with her because she sleeps very little/She also makes a lot of coffee at home or goes to the coffee shop a lot


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